Sunday, February 03, 2008

Eli's Comin' (that's a reference to an old Three Dog Night song; you're just gonna have to trust me on that)

A great angle of Plaxico Burress' game-winning touchdown.

And as New England's final "fuck you" to me this season, they caused me to scream in support of Eli Manning. Even in a glorious defeat, they managed to twist the dagger just a little.

Congrats to Eli, though - I never thought you would do it, especially how you did it the past few weeks. And to squash the cheating dirtbag asscock cornhole Patriots' chance at 19-0 ... That'll do, Eli. That'll do.


Doug said...

Darn . . . the "19-0" book has already been knocked down to "This item is currently not available" status on Amazon. Which sucks, because it had somehow already received an average of 2.5 stars based on four reviews, and I'd really be interested to read what those reviews have to say.

Josh said...

About noon, it was #14 on Amazon's top sellers - and those lists are updated hourly. Quite a lot of smartasses out there.

Sarah said...

The Eli's Coming title would go better with the Eli pic in the current top post on Hey Jenny Slater. Just sayin.

Lu said...

On behalf of the Giants're welcome.