Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roy Scheider dead at 75

Roy Scheider, star of two of my very favorite films, died today. His work in Jaws and All That Jazz were stuff immortality is made of, and I wish he had been given the chance to work at that superstar level into the '80s and beyond.

This clip from Jazz is particularly poignant today, and I highly recommend checking out the film if it has passed you by.


DAve said...

His work in Jaws and Blue Thunder were stuff immortality is made of...

RIP, Roy.

DAve said...

Just saw this today:

"Scheider was the first choice to play the Robert DeNiro role in The Deer Hunter and also the first choice to play John Rambo in First Blood."

Did you know this, or is this just uncited BS?

Josh said...

I know he claimed to have turned down The Deer Hunter because he was contractually obligated to make Jaws 2.

Never heard the First Blood thing before, but I'm sure he was considered (don't know about first choice). Apparently every actor in Hollywood turned it down before Stallone saw the script.

Mike-El said...

The highway robbery that took place that year with All That Jazz in the Best Actor category still irks me immensely to this day. Hoffman, Pacino, Lemmon, and Sellers all had career-making, signature performances in other movies by that point. Why not reward Scheider for a stunning, once in a lifetime, seemingly out-of-nowhere performance? The quintessential square-jawed tough guy who always played cops and detectives as a song-and-dance man? When was anything like that ever going to come Scheider's way again?

And then...they don't give the Oscar to Sellers (which I could've lived with) but to Hoffman for a totally pedestrian performance in Kramer vs. Kramer? Yeah, I'm still honked about that. Right up there with Gandhi over E.T.

I'll miss Roy. He was in some of my all-time favorite movies. I'm a staunch defender of 2010: The Year We Make Contact (a film that's anathema to many 2001 fans) and Roy was terrific anchoring that flick.