Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Random 10: Lost in New York

There's nothing random about today, my friends. I just don't trust the iPod Gods for some reason. I have an itchy feeling they'd give me an embarrassing Random 10 including the Terms of Endearment theme, Yanni's "Santorini," and a little Daughtry ...

Not that I have the Terms of Endearment theme, Yanni, or Daughtry on my iPod, of course. Not at all. Or Frank Stallone's "Peace in Our Life," the ballad from Rambo: First Blood Part II. Which is playing now. That's weird.

God, I love that song.

Anyway, no Random 10, just 10 separate observations, rants, meaningless riffs, etc.

1) The Atlanta Falcons re-signed quarterback Joey Harrington on Wednesday, about a week after cutting him. An poll showed little support for the move, but you heard it here only: it's a smart one. Harrington - and I can't believe I'm saying this - gives you the best chance to win in '08. Not Chris Redman. Not a rookie. And, sadly, not DJ Shockley, who will probably not be fully recovered from his leg injury (though I really, really, really hope I'm wrong about that). Shore up the offensive line in the draft - JAKELONGJAKELONGJAKELONGJAKELONG - and this year at the Georgia Dome might not be a complete wasteland.

Seriously, though - Jake Long.

2) My nightmare scenario, by the way: Miami takes Matt Ryan, St. Louis takes Jake Long, nobody will trade up and we are forced to overpay for oft-injured Glenn Dorsey. And then both Joe Flacco and Chad Henne - the only other two potential franchise QBs in the draft - are gone by the time the Falcons pick in the second round. Your Atlanta Falcons starting QB in '09? Erik Ainge. Urgh. Now that I typed it out, it will most assuredly happen this way.

3) It's good practice once in a while to go into a movie knowing nothing about it. I popped We Own the Night in my DVD player this week, only informed it had something to do with cops and starred Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg. So no, I'm not going to be ruining anything for you - just sending along a strong recommendation. Fantastic freakin' movie. And apologies to the Bourne franchise, but this one has the most effective car chase scene I've experienced in years. You think you've seen it all as far as that kind of stuff goes, but then director James Gray stages one in the pouring rain, and keeps the camera in and around a single car, not letting us clearly see what's happening with the other two vehicles involved. Oh, fine, I know you don't care about the directorial decisions in the staging of an action setpiece. So yes, Eva Mendes shows her boobs. I can't believe I waste my breath on you children.

4) Spoiler-free comment about last night's "Lost" - I'm shocked to read this morning how surprised everybody was at both of last night's surprises. First, the identity of the "man on the boat" was obvious, even if you missed his name in the opening credits. Second, my buddy Lu and I had completely figured out the Jin/Sun thing about 15 minutes in, and have the text messages to prove it. Yes, I sent text messages to another guy about "Lost" while the episode was still on. You call is sad, I call it multi-tasking.

5) If I could talk to my 1997-era college self, I would say two things. First, self, don't wear shiny shirts. There's nothing good that can come from shiny shirts. Good lord, man. T-shirts and jeans, that's your thing. Nothing wrong with that. And second, start donating money to UGA athletics. Here it is 10 years after my graduation, and I've only now begun making the necessary donations to ensure decent football tickets over the next six decades. I started small at the end of '07 with a $200 "gift," and recently got my order form for 2008 tickets in the mail. And I had earned the right to buy TWO tickets! ... To the Central Michigan game only. So yeah, if you're looking to get The Fiancee and I early wedding gifts, UGA football tickets would be nice. Oh, and kitchen stuff. She wants that. But seriously, football tickets.

6) Just to piss y'all off.

7) Georgia governor Sonny Perdue thinks it's the government's responsibility to decide how much time we need to buy our alcohol. "Six days is plenty" of time for alcohol sales, he says. "We need a little relief on Sunday." Who needs relief? Perdue? He doesn't even drink. Is he that sensitive and overspent by alcohol being sold six days of his precious week? Oh, and if you seriously need relief from alcohol, DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL. It's called making a personal choice, but Mr. Perdue obviously thinks you are incapable of that, and the all-knowing government should make decisions for you. What a goddamn fucking shitdick cocksucker. If John McCain names that queef as his running mate, I'm writing in Captain fucking Morgan.

Yeah, I feel strongly about Sunday alcohol sales. But it's not because I'm dying for a drink on Sunday, it's because a politician has the balls to legislate based on his own religious views. And he's not threatening to veto actual Sunday sales, he's threatening to veto letting individual communities vote on the matter. What an arrogant fag. So get this straight: under his watch, if you want a drink on Sunday, you have to go to a bar, restaurant, or ballgame - in other words, places you have to drive home from. It makes perfect sense.

8) The only thing worse than a Georgia Republican is an Atlanta Democrat. Unbelievable incompetence.

9) "Authorities said they did not know if she was mentally or physically disabled." Hmmm ... I'm gonna vote yes on both counts.

10) I love Netflix's "instant watch" feature, especially when I'm supposed to be studying. It's basically a huge selection of TV and movies you can watch at any time on your computer screen. The choices aren't comprehensive by any means, but you can usually find something to check out. Sadly, I keep forgetting that my selections are also visible to anybody who is listed as a "friend" to my Netflix account. And thus, this kind of shit becomes public:


Doug said...

. . . it's because a politician has the balls to legislate based on his own religious views.

A Republican legislating based on his own religious views? Absurd! Why, the next thing you'll be telling me is that the Giants upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl!

I do like the construction "shitdick," though.

jerry glanville said...

What don't you understand about the restaurant/private golf club lobby that needs no booze to be served on Sunday at stores so they can make a buck?

Is thinking ahead a day too much for you?

Hell, son, get with it.

BobbyH said...

I'm with you on number 7 man. In NC, you can at least buy booze after 12. That's still bullshit, but better than nothing.