Friday, April 25, 2008

Draft on Draught 2008

For the past two years, I've attempted to create a mock draft here at MAI. And for the past two years, I've made myself look like a fucking idiot.

Of course, mock drafts - all 150,000 of them - are exercises in futility. One pick goes wrong, and the dominoes of dumbass fall, one-by-one, until you're left with only 10 of 64 picks on-the-nose (that's me, folks). So this year, in an increasing attempt to not make myself look like a Down's baby, I've abandoned the conceit. And, truth be told, I no longer feel the need to spend 10 hours on a post that is probably my least read of the year.

Here, instead, is a bit of a focus on my team, THE Atlanta Falcons. We - yes, "we" - hold the third overall pick, three picks in the 2nd round, two picks in the 3rd, and five to go after that. We're playas.

Scenario #1 (no Dorsey available):

  • Jake Long to the Dolphins.
  • Glenn Dorsey to the Rams.
  • The Falcons freak out - this has been their nightmare scenario - and take Matt Ryan.

Scenario #2 (Dorsey available):

  • Jake Long to the Dolphins.
  • Chris Long to the Rams.
  • Glenn Dorsey to the Falcons (with Matt Ryan falling to the Ravens at #8).

It all hinges on the Rams, of course. I'm leaning toward Scenario #2 at this point, because I think the Rams will see Chris Long as more of a sure thing. Now, of course, here comes the fun part.

What I Want To Happen (now that Jake Long is already gone):

  • Jake Long to the Dolphins (God, I wanted him).
  • Glenn Dorsey to the Rams.
  • Matt Ryan to the - Ravens.

Oh, hells yes. Dorsey is taken off the board by St. Louis, and instead of collectively shitting themselves ourselves and taking Ryan (a buster waiting to happen), they we trade down with the Ravens. Atlanta gets the Ravens's #8 pick - which th ... we use on Sedrick Ellis - another second round pick, and another one later. Then the Falcons use a couple of those second round picks to trade back into the first round and grab a QB - either Chad Henne or Joe Flacco, who will be much better pros than either Ryan or Brian Brohm. (I'm virulently anti-Brohm, by the way. I don't know why the Falcons would ever consider a QB groomed in Bobby Petrino's system).

Of course, this is based on knowing the Falcons are targeting a QB. If I were running the draft, and this will probably be a good reason I'm not, I'm not necessarily taking a QB at all. Maybe it's my allegiance to DJ Shockley talking, but there's a much greater need in building the O and D lines. I know I'm in the minority here, but I see Redman and/or Harrington being a helluva lot more successful if they're given more than three seconds to find a receiver.

So to recap:

1) Trade down.
2) Avoid Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm.
3) Build the lines.
4) Give Josh season tickets.


Lu said...

First off...I'm dissapointed you didn't do a mock draft.
That being said, as an impartial observer of the Falcons, I think that if McFadden is available at three (and he should be), you have to take him. He's a special player. He's a difference maker. He will take as much pressure off of the Falcons QB that a top lineman would.
I don't think there's anyway they should take Ryan. He's hot garbage. A career NFL backup.

BobbyH said...

I guess you got your wish.