Monday, May 12, 2008

The pancakes were good, though

I got sent home from work today.

The cold I've been fighting for a few days was still lingering, and it was one 7:15 a.m. coughing fit that triggered my boss's evacuation order. He'd rather have one contagious person miss one day than eight people miss three days, I guess. Makes sense.

So woo-hoo, three-day weekend!

Of course, I really am sick, so it's not all wine and wine coolers. But instead of being a lump, I tried to be as productive as possible. So I watched a movie (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - two thumbs up), two Braves games (double header), and - OK, I wasn't that productive. But I did clean out my closet.

And I found this:

January 4th, 1993. Junior year of high school.

I had met a few friends at IHOP before school started, and our Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruitys lasted us well into first period. Well, being the sharp wit that I am, I had our waitress write us a note. And ol' Coach Bill Ballard - now the decorated coach of Tucker High- apparently wasn't on the same humor wavelength. Thankfully, though, his referral form comments were unnecessarily descriptive.

Three days of detention was a little harsh, no?


jerry glanville said...

Is your head ok after the injury son?

Time travelin' or something?

Tits McGee said...

In the interest of journalistic integrity, it should be noted that Bill Ballard left Tucker High School(several years ago) for Peachtree Ridge High School.

Riley said...

Well, I think it's funny.

Anonymous said...

I have never been more proud to have you as a brother... :)