Monday, June 16, 2008

Best Dawg-related news of the week

Oh no, this week's best Georgia Bulldogs news has nothing to do with the baseball team's amazing (so far) run in the College World Series. That in itself is fantastic, and mine eyes hath been glued to the tube thus far.

Alas, there is more exciting news, and this is an item I have yet to see reported elsewhere. But it comes straight from Coach Mark Richt's lips, to the ears of a super-secret spy who doesn't want to be identified here (I will call her it "Oreo Balls." Those in the UGA blogosphere can follow the trail.)

The announcement: Soulja Boy will NOT be heard at any Georgia Bulldog game in the 2008 season.

Oh, praise be to all that is holy. While I certainly appreciated "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" on first listen, I soon learned UGA wasn't the first to use the song in a similar fashion, and it rapidly became, in the parlance of the young, played. Lightning strikes once, and all that.

Well, apparently Richt has been advised of the actual lyrics in the offseason, and has ordered that it not be heard in Sanford Stadium in the foreseeable future. Now, thankfully, blackouts will be the only overdone remnant of the 2007 season.

And no, I will never reveal my source. The person in question, who actually heard Richt make this announcement first-hand, has expressly forbid me to reveal their identity. So I won't.

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Scott H. said...

Wow. One of those things was not like the other. One of those things was not the same.
I swear I saw that girl before.