Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Indiana Jones and the I Waited 19 Goddamn Years For That?

Well, that was a piece of shit.

(There. I put as much energy into writing that review than Steven Spielberg did directing, George Lucas did producing, or Harrison Ford did acting. Maybe even more.).


Stanicek said...

You not liking that movie was the easiest prediction I have ever made.

Josh said...

I never go into a Spielberg movie wanting it to be bad. Raiders is one of my 10 favorite movies, and Jaws is my number one favorite of all time (that's not named Die Hard, of course).

This one just seemed lazy. Too much (bad) CGI, not enough memorable action, prairie dogs straight out of Caddyshack, the freaking vine-swinging scene...!

The movie was just a series of Indiana solving a puzzle, achieving something, the Russians show up to take it, rinse, repeat. It was just boring, something an Indiana Jones movie should never be.

It would have been a passable movie if the words Mummy or National Treasure had been in the title, but I expect more from these guys (except Lucas. I want him to die.)

Anonymous said...

At no point in time did I ever feel there was a real danger. It seemed like a poorly written stunt movie. Which is saying a lot.

Paul Westerdawg said...


What a gigantic pile of poo. If it weren't an Indiana Jones flick, I would've said that it was a 5 out of 10.

But Indy has to deliver more. It was a 3 by their standards. Maybe above Temple of Doom. Maybe.

Just tired played out old gimicks with a galatically stupid ending.

What a bust.