Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Diary Hard: An explosion-by-explosion account of the greatest movie of all time

Twenty years ago today, a legendary force was unleashed upon this world. It was an awesome spectacle that, despite several plagiaristic, usurpatory attempts, remains potent today. It was fashioned of raw power, not able to be harnessed by mere mortals, but destined to live forever in the pantheon of the gods. It was a uniter.

Nothing has defeated it. Nothing has toppled it. Nothing, pray tell, ever will.

Twenty years ago today, Die Hard was released.

July 15th, 1988 to be exact.

In 1988, Bruce Willis was known as the star of TV's "Moonlighting." It was an undeniable hit in those days, creating watercooler buzz matched only by those L.A. lawyers. His sole film had come out early the previous year, and though Blind Date was a modest hit, it still finished behind those legendary spring '87 comedies Mannequin and Outrageous Fortune.

When 20th Century Fox offered Willis $5 million to star, the response was apoplectic. In those days, that figure rivaled those of the biggest stars of the time, and the thought of a TV star getting that kind of money was hard for people to swallow. After all, Michael J. Fox hadn't made that kind of bank on Back to the Future; he had to wait until the Light of Days and Casualties of Wars of the world came out.

Die Hard is, quite obviously at this point, my favorite film. Number one with a few thousand bullets. It's something that I've grown comfortable saying after years of pretending it was an afterthought to, you know, the respected classics. Oddly, though, Die Hard has slowly become just that. Entertainment Weekly recently named it the best action film of all time, shows like "Friends" and "How I Met Your Mother" use it as an example of great filmmaking with nary a hint of irony, and 19 years after its release, the third sequel becomes the biggest hit in the series. It continues to thrive, and - no exaggeration - has become a benchmark of modern cinema.

What follows is something that's been gestating in my gray matter for awhile. It's a running diary of the entire film, something that only true lovers of the film could possibly appreciate (that's a not-so-subtle hint to The Fiancee to stop reading now and just tell me later how she loved the whole thing). I apologize in advance for its length; just know what follows is the heavily edited version. I cut out my lengthy theories about Agent Johnson and Agent Johnson's obviously homosexual affair, a scientific study as to the relative absence of John McClane's son and the possible Freudian implications, and why it is vital to the future of civilization that "Gruber" can be rearranged to spell "burger." Among other things.

Diary Hard

The 20th Century Fox logo. Say what you want about Rupert Murdoch, but he personally approved the then-exorbitant salary for Bruce Willis. Even the most liberal Fox News hater should pat him on the back for that.

0:01: "Fist With Your Toes." One of my many Die Hard-related fantasy baseball team names. Um, and even in 1988, were off-duty cops allowed to carry guns on planes?

0:02: John McClane carries a large stuffed teddy bear off the plane. Director John McTiernan also had Alec Baldwin carry a large teddy bear on a plane in The Hunt For Red October. Hidden meaning? Discuss.

0:03: "And no snooping around the house, looking for presents." This marks the debut of little Lucy McClane, who would later transform into college-aged hottie Lucy McClane in 2007's Live Free or Die Hard. Taylor Fry played Lucy in the original, but was apparently busy doing absolutely nothing acting-related and was replaced by the far more regularly employed Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Nobody noticed.

0:05: Argyle, like a motherfucker. One of the most underrated characters in the history of cinema. It's his first time driving a limo, but he doesn't fret in introducing us to some prime Christmas-themed Run DMC and his lady's unmentionables. And he's very fast, even when avoiding Ray Charles' gunfire in The Blues Brothers (yes, that's him) .

0:07: The first great shot of Nakatomi Plaza. Short story: In 1998, I made my first visit to Los Angeles as a college student covering the oh-so-important press junkets of Beavis and Butt-head Do America and Star Trek: First Contact. On my first night there, I looked out my hotel room window to find the 20th Century Fox headquarters - better known to Die Hard fans as Nakatomi Plaza. Instead of actually taking advantage of L.A., I spent two hours walking around the building. Little had stayed the same, but I was still able to imagine running into the locked doors, blowing up the glass windows, and sending little hockey pucks across the lobby to kill some bad guys. And trust me, ten years later, if I stood in that parking lot, my train of thought would be just as childish.

0:12: Ellis does coke in front of the worst sunset backdrop ever. I swear, I love this film. We're just about to get to the good part.

0:17: The Pacific Courier truck comes in. The biggest "goof" attributed to this film is that the ambulance (seen later) could not fit into the truck. Fine. Whatever. It's Die Hard, so fuck you. I do like that it's an Atlantic Courier truck that blows up a building in 1995's New York-set Die Hard With A Vengeance.

0:23: Boobs. Because it's the '80s.

0:30: "What kind of terrorists are you?" That brings up a good point, really. The Die Hard films are generally thought of as "Bruce Willis vs. Terrorists," but there are very few acts of actual terrorism in the series. "Terrorism" is generally defined by the reasoning behind it - if the act's ultimate goal is political or ideological, we use the T-word. But a bank robber isn't committing an act of terrorism. So, to sum up, Die Hard isn't about terrorism; it's about thieves simply masquerading as terrorists (the lip service paid to "Asian Dawn," for example). Die Hard 2 fits the bill a little more, as the bad guys' goal is to free a Central American general and drug lord. Die Hard With A Vengeance is once again about thieves. And Live Free or Die Hard mixes it up a little: bad guys with goals both political and financial.

0:31: The real joy of Die Hard is in the details. After Hans kills Takagi, look in the background to see Karl and Theo settle a bet. Funny stuff.

0:34: I've never seen Die Hard on the big screen. When it came out, I was 12, and not allowed to see R-rated movies unless my parents previewed them first. So one night in July 1988, they went out for dinner and a movie, and I practically paced until they returned. My dad eventually walked in with a goofy grin on his face, and started a long spiel. "That is about the best movie I have ever seen. I mean, just great. Josh, you are going to absolutely love it. Wall-to-wall action, doesn't let up, I mean, really, probably the best movie I've ever seen. It'll be your favorite too, I guarantee it!" So, I asked, will you take me? "Oh, absolutely not. Too much cussing." See, those were my parents. I could see bodies being disemboweled by boob-baring women for two straight hours, but when it came to cursing and actual sex - two things I would find much easier to copy, in their estimation - it was a no-go. I'm reminded of this story because of minutes 34 and 35 of the film, in which the following words are uttered by Mr. Willis: "Fuck ... asshole ... goddamn ... goddamn ... fucking ... motherfuckers ... fucking."

0:37: Here's a tip for your movie enjoyment: When John McClane is fighting somebody, don't pay close attention to his face. Let's just say that Bruce Willis most definitely didn't do his own stunts. Like, seriously, not one of them. (This isn't McClane's finest moment, by the way. With a gun to a bad guy's head, he instead elbows him and almost intentionally gets into a brawl. Not to mention he seems to drop his gun with incredible ease.)

"I'm about to film The Bonfire of the Vanities and Hudson Hawk! Noooo!"

0:40: "NOW I HAVE A MACHINE GUN. HO-HO-HO." Holy shit, I can't believe I've never thought of this as a Halloween costume. I mean, a gray sweatshirt, a Santa cap, a little fake blood and a red marker. Oh man, I'm wearing that one for the next 25 years.

0:42: Boobs. Because it's the '80s.

0:42: Karl freaks out over the death of his brother. I always wondered if he's extra sad because he was a bit of an asshole to him during their last meeting, cutting those pipes with the chainsaw. I feel bad for Karl.

0:44: "No fucking shit lady, do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?" My favorite line of the film. They should have worked this into all the sequels instead of "Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker." In Die Hard 2, Fred Thompson growls "What are we talking about, a hijacking?" And McClane responds, "No fucking shit lady, do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?" In Die Hard With A Vengeance, Sam Jackson howls "You don't like me because you're a racist!" to which McClane retorts, "No fucking shit lady, do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?" In Live Free or Die Hard, the Mac Guy yells "You just killed a helicopter with a car!" and McClane responds with "No fucking shit lady, do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?" The best part is, the audience would knowingly applaud every time. Dammit, I should write Die Hard V.

0:45: Reginald VelJohnson makes his first appearance as Sgt. Al Powell. Last month, my fiancee saw him in a commercial and called him "the dad from 'Family Matters.'" I almost broke up with her on the spot.

0:46: Gas prices in 1988? Seventy-four cents a gallon. Dammit.

0:48: Boobs. Because it's the '80s.

0:51: "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs." They could have at least worked that one into Die Hard 2. Do I have to think of everything?

0:57: "I need backup assistance now! Now, goddamn it, now!" One of my favorite sequences in the film. McClane drops a terrorist corpse on Powell's car, the car speeds backward, and there's a priceless shot of Argyle just as the dead body is ejected 15 feet into the air. One thing I never understood, though: who is firing the machine gun out of the window?

0:59: Willis and Alan Rickman have their first verbal interaction, over walkie-talkie. Looking over 1988's Best Supporting Actor nominees, I find it hard to believe Rickman wasn't recognized. Dean Stockwell in Married to the Mob? Martin Landau in Tucker: the Man and His Dream? Alec Guinness in Little Dorrit? I mean, what the holy fuck is Little Dorrit? Twenty years later, and Rickman is still looking for his first nomination. The Academy sucks.

1:00: "Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker." Oddly enough, like my 20th favorite line from the movie.

1:03: A mention of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who McTiernan had just directed in Predator. Ooh, meta!

At least Holly's fashion sense is timeless...

1:04: Paul Gleason is Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson, and don't you fucking forget it. About eight years ago, I was in a Los Angeles hotel bar and sitting at the next table were Gleason and Robert Duvall. I mean, I get it, I was supposed to be more excited to see Duvall. The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, yadda, whatever. The entire time, though, I'm freaking out like a Die Hard fanboy (go figure) and fighting the urge to walk up to their table and gush, "Mr. Gleason, I'm a huge fan. I could be a fucking bartender for all you know!" I mean, how many people approach those two and recognize Gleason? I walked out that night already pissed I didn't act, because he might have actually gotten a kick out of it. When he died in 2006, I regretted it even more.

1:06: McClane's wife Holly, played by Bonnie Bedilia, informs the terrorists that a pregnant hostage really needs a couch. And that's a good cue to tell you we have a pregnant woman to thank for this movie: Cybill Shepherd. Willis originally had to turn down Die Hard, but when "Moonlighting" had to be shut down due to Shepherd's pregnancy, a window suddenly opened for him. So thanks, whoever knocked up Cybill Shepherd in 1987!

1:10: One of the invading cops pricks his hand on an outside bush, and reacts like a little girl. A little throwaway, blink-and-you'll-miss-it detail, but it's part of what separates this movie from the rest.

1:12: "Send in the car. Send in the caarrrr." If I was that guy, I'd have spent the last 20 years going, "You know, I was in Die Hard. Seriously, listen - 'Send in the caarrr.' Yeah, that was me! 'Send in the caarrr.' Yeah, Bruce and I are tight."

1:16: John McClane sends C4 down the elevator shaft and blows up the entire first floor. One of the most badass gut reactions in the history of cinema - even though I'm still not sure what it was supposed to accomplish. But it was fucking badass. Did I say that already?

1:18: "Glass? Who gives a shit about glass?" That's called foreshadowing, kids.

1:26: "Asian Dawn." Another one of my Die Hard-related fantasy baseball team names. There's going to be a quiz.

1:30: John McClane and Hans Gruber meet face-to-face for the first time. Now at what point does McClane see through Gruber's false American facade? I've always thought it was when Gruber didn't flinch at the European cigarettes, lighting one up like it was old hat. Thoughts?

1:40: McClane picks glass out of his feet, and bonds with Powell. An honestly touching moment, but not much fun to write about - so how about a quiz? True or false: The first person to play John McClane was Frank Sinatra. If you said false, you're - well, sorta correct. But only sorta. Alright, let me untangle this web: author Roderick Thorp wrote two novels featuring the same cop character: 1966's The Detective and 1979's Nothing Lasts Forever. The former was turned into a 1968 Sinatra film of the same name, and when Sinatra turned down a sequel, the latter eventually became - you guessed it - Die Hard. Thorp's character in the books and the first film, however, was named "Joe Leland"; the name "John McClane" was an invention of the Die Hard screenwriters. Thorp's story, however, remains largely intact: a group of German terrorists - led by a man named Gruber - take over a Los Angeles highrise and are ultimately foiled by a lone cop. So, ever so technically, Die Hard is a sort-of sequel itself.

1:42: Even stranger: Sinatra's The Detective featured the work of actor Lloyd Bochner. His son Hart would go on to play Ellis in Die Hard. Spooky.

1:46: John McClane cries, apparently after a heated debate on set as to whether an action hero has tear ducts. But again, not fun to write about. So how about a fun fact? The list of actors who turned down Die Hard is legendary: Sinatra first, then Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Richard Gere, and even Burt Reynolds (remember, by 1988, Reynolds wasn't the guy from Smokey and the Bandit. He was the guy from Rent-a-Cop). I like the work of every one of those guys, but Die Hard couldn't have been DIE HARD without Bruce.

Yes, that could have been Burt Reynolds.

1:48: McClane and Alexander Godunov's Karl go mano-a-mano in what is really the only real fight of the film (McClane v. Karl's brother is over pretty quickly). Godunov was a classically trained ballet star who defected from Russia at the age of 29, leaving a wife behind. He moved to Hollywood, only to become the William Zabka of the late '80s, playing cads of varying degrees in Witness, The Money Pit and Die Hard. He barely worked after this film, likely due to severe alcoholism - which killed him in 1996. The more you know...

1:53: "Just like fuckin' Saigon, eh Slick?!" Beat. "I was in junior high, dickhead."

1:54-1:56: The tightest editing you'll see in any action movie. It's amazing how much tension McTiernan and Co. packed into those three minutes. (I've tried to find this clip on Youtube, but can only find the entire film. Fox's legal team needs to get on the ball.)

1:57: The helicopter explodes outside the window, McClane reacts by turning his head to the left. Seriously, they might as well have hired a black woman to be Willis's stunt double if they're going to be that obvious about it. A different nose, a different hairline, etc. I love, love, love this movie, but they could have gotten Willis to swing his head in that shot. He was just a TV star, after all.

2:05: Sgt. Powell gets his own little character arc as well, when he gets to shoot the still-alive Karl. To the tune of the Aliens soundtrack, oddly enough. Apparently McTiernan used a cut off the sci-fi classic's soundtrack during editing, and liked it so much it stayed. So you'll hear the same music when Karl meets his maker as when Ripley finally ejects the alien into space. Did you know that five minutes ago? Didn't think so.

2:06: Final "terrorists killed" score: McClane 9, Powell 1, two still alive. Maybe they'll return in part 5.

2:07: Ok, I'm a total nerd, I get it - but I do have an ever-growing collection of international Die Hard posters from 1988. Not only is it my favorite film, but it seems to have the most interesting, different, and at-times hilarious foreign titles. A sample: The Glass Jungle (Spain), Hard to Kill (Latin America), A Hard Nut to Crack (Russia), The Glass Trap (Poland), Too Tough To Die (Greece), Assault to the Skyscraper (Portugal), Operation Skyscraper (Norway), and my personal favorites, Hungary's Give Your Life Expensive and Thailand's Big Building Fight. I assume they didn't emulate those titles up to the present, with Give Your Life Expensive With A Vengeance or Live Free or Big Building Fight.

2:08: Fun credits fact, from Wikipedia: In the German dub of the film, the terrorists are turned into a mix of English and Italian baddies. The names "Hans" and "Karl" become "Jack" and "Charlie."


Mark said...

I didn't know that there were others who shared my passion for this movie.

I could be a fucking bartender for all you know.

By the way, I think McClane blew up the first floor of the building just to say "fuck you" to Hans, and to get rid of the explosives so that they couldn't use it themselves. I always wondered why did he put all the detonators in the one brick of C4, and then let the terrorists chase him all over the building knowing that there were no detonators left? Or were there? If there were, where did he put them?

Anonymous said...

McClane was firing the machine gun out the window. He throws the body and starts firing! He is even holding the gun when he says "Welcome to the party"

Josh said...

I have to disagree. Why would McClane pepper Powell's car with bullets? Did he really trust his aim that much at 300 yards not to accidentally shoot the cop?

Anonymous said...

Great article. I've always taken it that one of the terrorists who had been watching out the window begins to fire at the car once the body hits. I believe they show a behind the shoulder POV shot when he begins firing before cutting to the outside view of the gun going off. McClane is not just the hero and good guy, but shown to be a regular joe. Even though he might be frustrated by the police, he wouldn't shoot at them/try to kill them.

BA Boucher said...

You sir just earned yourself a new reader.

I always liked the Die Hards over others because McLane actually gets hurt. By the end of every movie his clothing is 90% blood and 10% dirt.

I love it.

DAve said...

It's a terrorist that shoots at Powell - in the over-the-shoulder shot you can tell it's a higher caliber machine gun than the gun Willis is carrying, and in the next shot you can see the fire coming from the 5th or 6th floor. You can also hear it being fired in the distance during the "Welcome to the party, pal" shot.

At 2:20 of this vid:

Burbanked said...

TERRIFIC article and you're right that DIE HARD is the ultimate action movie, the one that brought heart and humanity and real-man tears to a genre overblown with bullets, muscles and snappy comebacks. It's a true classic of our generation, the one all others should be measured against.

I have to say that I think McClane is the lone shooter at Powell in the cop car. McClane's so frustrated at that point by his previous efforts to alert anyone to the building that he simply decides to do the most desperate, insane thing that will get the most attention. I'd argue that the inaccuracy of firing at a car racing backwards is what works in his favor: he knows he's going to cause damage and panic, but not hurt Stevie Wonder driving that car. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I don't think it's a terrorist simply because no other reference is given that the badguys have heard or know what McClane is up to at that point. If that was meant to be a terrorist shooting, it's a horribly botched story point in a movie that's sewn up pretty tight otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Even non-Die Hard fans/movie critics should appreciate the franchise for this simple fact:

John McClane is portrayed in every film as an Everyman caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's a reluctant hero with real problems like you and me. Anybody could be John McClane.

I think it's a bit sad that they waited until the fourth film to finally flesh out McClane's actual motivation: "Because there's no one else."

But he and Samuel L. Jackson's character did spend most of "Vengeance" being toyed with by Jeremy Irons's character.

And say what you will about "Pulp Fiction" or "Jurassic Park," Sammy L owes the rest of his career to Die Hard 3. Anyone care to prove me wrong?

JetpackJesus said...

I just watched to celebrate this momentous 20th birthday.

John uses the C4 to blow up the floor where the guys with the rocket launcher are attacking the caaarrr. He drops it down the elevator shaft they used to get there so he knows the C4 will blow those guys up when the chair lands on top of their elevator. He takes out two with that explosion according to Powell.

Also, your final body count is off by one. There are 13 terrorists. Two are left alive. Theo is one (Argyle punches him in the parking deck) and the other is the guy John punches out just before confronting Hans (drops a bunch of money). Powell kills 1 (Karl) and John kills 10. They are (I think in order) Karl's brother, the two in Takegi's office (table guy and the one that enters the room just after him), the two with the C4, two before Karl and Hans shoot the glass (one as they enter and the one whose head goes through the glass), the asian one at the roof, Hans, and finally the fake guard.

"John McClane is portrayed in every film as an Everyman caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's a reluctant hero with real problems like you and me. Anybody could be John McClane."

This is actually one of the main reasons I liked 3 more than 2. John was brought into the situation rather than just happening to be there yet again.

@burbanked: I think it was definitely a terrorist shooting the car. They knew Powell was there and we are shown terrorists with guns watching him pull up to the building. They know full well what John is doing because they heard him make the call on the radio. Also, they know where John is because a terrorist on a different floor (maybe even the roof) sees John trying to break the glass with the chair. Once they see the corpse thrown out the window they decide to shoot because they know Powell will call in backup for sure now.

mark "I always wondered why did he put all the detonators in the one brick of C4, and then let the terrorists chase him all over the building knowing that there were no detonators left? Or were there? If there were, where did he put them?"

He did not use all the detonators. When Hans gets the bag back after shoot the glass scene, he opens the bag and you can see detonators remain. He might have even pulled a few out. John thought he used all the explosives, but since Hans still wanted the detonators so badly he surmised there must be more somewhere. Then he found the explosives on the roof.

Josh M. said...

Jetpackjesus: Great comment, thanks. I totally buy your elevator/C4 theory. (I'm just glad my questions about that scene and the machine gun in the window weren't met with a bunch of "you're a moron" comments. They weren't clear!)

"Also, your final body count is off by one."

Honestly, I didn't count. I just went by the poster: "Twelve terrorists. One cop." I knew two lived, and Powell killed one - I just assumed nine was McClane's body count. So I guess the poster was wrong? Or Theo isn't considered a terrorist?

Doug said...

I really enjoyed that. And I say that as someone who, weirdly enough, has seen the entire movie but never all at once.

JetpackJesus said...

Josh, I only counted because I read your Diary Hard at work earlier in the day. When I watched the movie last night I decided to try and keep track. They also listed 13 terrorists in the credits. I had to check because I too thought there were only 12 and figured I screwed up my count.

That one guy John knocks out, though, has no lines at any point that I noticed. He just was shown around Theo at the vault a couple times. So I can see how the poster makers might have missed him.

Incidentally, you should write up some of those theories you said left out of this entry. They sound entertaining, and the Gruber=>burger theory has me intrigued.

Anonymous said...

great read. i watch Die Hard every Christmas, it's part of tradition for me and my family.

two things

1) John McClane is absolutely not shooting at the car, there's no way he would shoot at a cop.

2) I somewhat remember the heart to heart scene between mcclane and al, when he's picking glass out of his feet and al's telling him about the kid he shot, and always being bothered by it, because for some reason all of sudden mcclane doesn't have to hold down the button thingy on the walkie-talkie to respond. he sets it down and continues the conversation somehow. i don't know, maybe i'm wrong.

Mr. Peel said...

This. Was. Awesome.

"We're gonna need some more FBI guys."

Anonymous said...

"Fun credits fact, from Wikipedia: In the German dub of the film, the terrorists are turned into a mix of English and Italian baddies. The names "Hans" and "Karl" become "Jack" and "Charlie.""

Jack and Charlie - stranded on the island in LOST... Coincidence? I think not!


And I always he shot out the window to really get 'the Dad from Family matters" attention. He was about to drive off...

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts:

1. Die Hard has a sense of morality that not many people seem to pick up on. With the exception of Takagi and the guy at the desk, the only people who get killed are the people who deserve it. The only terrorists who live are the ones who are never seen threatening, harming, or killing anyone. And the non-terrorists who get killed are Ellis, the coke-snorting dickface who tries to sell out McClane, and the FBI agents who say they don't mind if some of the hostages die during their helicopter assault.

2. This ridiculousless about the villains in Die Hard being thieves pretending to be terrorists instead of actual terrorists needs to end. Terrorists are people who terrorize. The villains in Die Hard terrorize innocent people, and even kill a few. They're terrorists. It's like saying I'm not a jaywalker if I cross in the middle of a street. I was just pretending to be a jaywalker!

3. As for McClane elbowing the first terrorist, I think he was expecting to knock him out. He hadn't seen this guy threaten, harm, or kill anyone yet, and didn't want to kill him. (See #1.)

4. The guy who says, "Send in the car. Send in the caarrrr!" reminds me of George C. Scott in Hardcore. "Turn it off. Turn of ooooofff!"

5. GAH! I've been a huge fan of this movie for years, and I didn't even realize that the "Who gives a shit about glass?" line was foreshadowing the running-barefoot-over-glass scene until you pointed it out. I think I'm what people from Boston call "wicked retahded."

6. I think McClane realized who Gruber was the moment Gruber started talking. Sure, he was faking an American accent, but he still sounded the same.

Joe said...

This is a great post.
Whenever I am asked what my favorite movie I say "Die Hard". Nice to encounter some kindred spirits.

And by the way, the person who shot Al's car was one of the terrorists. He was shooting a machine gun (looked like an M60 or something similar), McClane only had his pistol and the submachinegun (MP5) he took from Karl's brother.

Anonymous said...

John shoots the machine gun out the window shouting 'Welcome to the party, pal!" It always reminded me of Total Recall when Arnie throws Richter's arms off the elevator and shouts, "See you at the party, Richter!"

Josh M. said...

Actually, we have our answer.

Pete H said...

More along the memory lane side of this AWESOME blog entry..

I'm a little older than you and was able to see this for the first time on the big screen at a second-run theater my freshman year of college (fall of 88) for a dollar...every single night of the week in a row! That's how awesome this movie is. people still think I'm nuts!

And besides this movie, for people a little older like me Paul Gleason has another character from The Breakfast Club for which he's super-famous...Principal Richard Vernon!! Dude, I would've definitely approached him!!

Thanks again for an awsome blog!!

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Megan said...

This just made my day. Oh my gosh. And I'm definitely being dead Tony for Halloween this year. Too bad if I'm a girl! I'll just be the only 18-year-old girl that's as cool as me. Yeah. "No fuckin' shit, lady, do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?" is my text message tone when I know there won't be parents around haha...

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