Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Only a few more to go

Bear witness, my friends - visual evidence of the upcoming football season.

Of course, I didn't qualify for any tickets from my actual alma mater; these had to be ordered from Central Michigan. The girl on the phone was wonderfully nice, until I listed my mailing address as "Atlanta, GA." The tone noticeably changed.

But I'm in the game, bitches.

Section 606? That's lower-level 50-yard line, right?

(Um, so if ever you happen to be holding a couple extra for any other game, you know who to call).

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Megs said...

OMG, I just got a ridiculous brand of excited, and then e-mailed the guy I'm buying ASU tix from, just to confirm. This is going to be awesome.

Also, put Mark Richt's picture on anything I'm sold. Mark Richt elementary school raffle tix? I'll take 10, thanks.