Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today's Priorities

1) Obtain two Georgia/Georgia Southern tickets.

2) Vomit when realizing college football begins today. Smile while doing so.

3) Giggle when realizing high school football does too.

4) Watch NC State give South Carolina a scare.

5) Listen to Jacksonville State upset Georgia Tech.

6) Examine my fantasy football team again for any perceived weaknesses. So far: none.

7) Have my seemingly shredded back examined by Emory specialists, and hopefully avoid being either cut or needled. The pain has increased daily, to the point I can't sleep without medication both while going to bed and again at 4 a.m. Pure hell. Appointment - 9:45.

8) Pick up my dry-cleaning.

In that order.


Krista said...

what has happened to your back?

Anonymous said...

Would love nothing more than to see all of this come true.

Anonymous said...

Are you playing PWD's pick 'em?