Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The heat must be getting to 'em

In eight days, I board a plane to Phoenix to see my Georgia Bulldogs take on the Arizona State Whateverthehells.

It's a big game, no doubt - Georgia's first regular season game west of the Miss' since the '60s. Heck, it must be a big game for myself, The Fiancee, and a few friends to make a cross-country trip.

And bless their little hearts, the Arizona State students have done their part to make it a little bigger. Check them out on Saturday as they dismantled big, bad, tough Stanford:

Oh, that's beautiful. Beautiful.

"Kicking a hornet's nest" is too much of a cliche, and actually probably an understatement. This is akin to kicking a nest of rabid, starving wolverines when you're wearing nothing but a pair of steakpants.


Krista said...

"bless their hearts" is never a good thing

Megs said...

I have been looking forward to that game and that weekend without reserve until now. I never thought I'd see a color uglier than Tennessee's puke orange, but that gnarly yellow will be everywhere we go in Tempe. My eyes are already trying to escape my head.

Doug said...

"Yes, we whupped Northern Arizona and Stanford, so we are clearly ready to take on the #2 team in the country!"

Megs said...

By the way, I have an extra ticket to the game if anyone's looking to pick one up.