Monday, September 15, 2008

Profanity? In a David Mamet movie? Well, I never!

I wasn't that crazy about David Mamet's Redbelt until I read this review of it on Netflix:

I looked forward to seeing this movie,but ten minutes into the movie the language was so bad I shut it down. To bad the writers felt the need to inject vulgarity instead of relying upon the actors' ability or the substance of the film. I'm tired of writers relying upon sex and vulgar language to "carry" the movie.True creceativity requires effort and thought.Think about it! What kind of respect do the writers and producers have for their audience? Surely movies of substance can still be made.Tyler Perry is one prime example of a writer who stuck to his principles despite the environment of Hollywood. I would have loved to see this movie if not for the language!

Seriously, Mr. Mamet. Why can't you be more like Tyler Perry? Madea certainly could have whipped those Glengarry Glen Ross boys into shape, and washed out their mouths too!


Krista said...

oh no they di-in!
Tyler Perry definitely does have more creceativity...or whatever you want to call it.

Anonymous said...

are you guys for real? Are you really complaining about Mamet using his trademark language? Have you seen any of his films or plays before? I've realised one of the reasons that I hate the Internet is the ability to spread nonsense like this.

Josh M. said...

Anonymous: I wish you had used your name so I could ridicule your sarcasm comprehension skills.

Doug said...

The language was so bad he/she "shut it down"? No wonder I haven't been able to see it here in Birmingham! This person shut down production and somehow kept the movie from even being made!!!