Friday, September 12, 2008

Wanna be on top

One of the few drawbacks to being in a committed relationship is the death of my television-viewing habits.

In my single existence, I wasn't missing any episodes of "The Shield," "Rescue Me," "The Sopranos," "Deadwood" - you know, man shows. Shows that would put hair on your chest, son.

These days, now that The Fiancee has a ring on her finger and run of the remote, I am far too intimately familiar with the daily goings of "Top Chef," "What Not To Wear," "Project Runway" and "America's Next Top Model." The sad thing, I've found out, is I really like the first two (I would kill for Clinton's wardrobe), and find myself completely comfortable watching the last couple for an hour stretch.

Hell, girlfriend, now I'm breaking gossip about the shows to HER. As soon as I saw it, I sent her the link about the big "Top Model" twist this season - a transgendered contestant! (For the record, as liberal as I am on most social issues - particularly gay rights - I am extremely squeamish with it comes to transgendered, transsexual, sex changes, etc. Gives me the willies. Sorry.)

But hey, it's something new for the show, so whatever. The problem? I have no idea which contestant it is.

This isn't a "they're all hot!" kind of problem, like I'm afraid I'll think one of them is cute only to find out she was born with a penis. No, actually none of them are cute (a common problem with this show, actually).

I mean, don't at least 75% of those chicks look like they were born a dude? I think the final episode's twist is that, gotcha, they were all transgender!

3:18 p.m. update: The Fiancee informs me that image is actually from a previous season of "Top Model." That means, of course, that all of those bulimic, daddy issue-having Twizzlers are 100% female. Even more frightening.

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