Friday, November 07, 2008

Betcha Bottom Dollar: Week Ten (Point Two)

F'ing priceless:


I didn't vote for Barack Obama; I don't think that's a huge secret. However, I don't have blinders on as to why he's so inspiring. Now I don't give two shits how some upper-middle-class college girl feels like this huuuuge weight has been, like, lifted!!!1!. However, as a former teacher in a predominately minority neighborhood, I do see the massive value in black children getting a role model who's not a rapper or NBA player. Every kid is told they can grow up to be president someday, but now many will take those aspirations a lot more seriously.

My fear, however, is that an Obama presidency will not foster that independent, yes-I-can attitude, but instead instill more allegiance to the group-think, yes-we-can mentality. People need to believe in and trust in themselves, and this huge step is for nothing if it only serves to make Americans more reliant on government to solve their problems.

I can honestly say I'll be rooting for Obama to do a helluva job once he takes a seat behind that Oval Office desk. But hey, if not, President Jindal is only four short years away.

The picks (brief, because I'm still a Sickasaurus):

Jacksonville (-6 1/2) @ Detroit. Yeah, Jindal. Which would mean we could be in for a whole new round of "look how far we've come" back-patting when both parties have a minority as a candidate. We racist Libertarians will probably put up another white guy, though. PICK: Detroit

Tennessee (-3) @ Chicago. The 1972 Dolphins will be popping the champagne around 4:30 on Sunday, as the Titans will suffer their first defeat. And I'm for realz this time, after thinking it would happen the past two weeks. PICK: Chicago

Buffalo @ New England (-4). My Bills Super Bowl pick is looking shakier by the week. Thank God I'm still on point for my Falcons one. PICK: New England

New Orleans @ Atlanta (PICK). This will be the first game I attend at an official Atlanta Falcons season ticket holder. The excitement level is hovering somewhere between "11-year-old girl meeting the Jonas Brothers" and "Lance Bass in a tickle fight with a dude who has penises for fingers." The Brother and I are headed down to the new, improved Georgia Dome to root Atlanta - and my Matt Ryan-led fantasy team - to victory. PICK: Atlanta

St. Louis @ NY Jets (-8 1/2). PICK: St. Louis

Seattle @ Miami (-9).
PICK: Miami

Green Bay @ Minnesota (-2). PICK: Green Bay

Carolina (-9 1/2) @ Oakland.
Netflix recap: Despite discs of "Mad Men" and "Spaced" sitting at home, I only got around to watching one rental this week: Tron. Seriously, Tron. I'm still not sure how it ended up in my queue, or especially how it got to the top - but opening my mail a few days ago, I found the 1982 Jeff Bridges film I somehow avoided seeing during my childhood. The only thing I can figure is that I must have added it a few months ago when the sequel was announced. Dunno. Well, it was interesting - which, of course, is codeword for "it sucked, but was creative." I have to imagine it received a different reaction in 1982 than it does in 2008, where it comes across as monumentally silly. PICK: Carolina

Kansas City @ San Diego (-15). PICK: Kansas City

NY Giants @ Philadelphia (-2 1/2).
PICK: NY Giants

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh (-3 1/2). PICK: Indianapolis

Baltimore @ Houston (PICK). Bill Simmons jumped on the anti-"Saved By Zero" bandwagon today. Just sayin' - I'm not the only one. PICK: Houston

San Francisco @ Arizona (-9 1/2).
PICK: Arizona

Last week: 6-8
Overall: 59-66-5 (nope, never said I was good)

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