Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Betcha Bottom Dollar: Week Thirteen (Thanksgiving Games)

I think it's officially time to kick Detroit out of their annual Turkey Day spot. Watching them is enough to make me wretch up my ham and mashed potatoes.

Yeah, ham and mashed potatoes. With honey mustard. Over it all. Including the potatoes. Yum.

Turkey is just too dry. And doesn't taste as good with honey mustard as mashed potatoes do.

The picks:

Tennessee (-11) @ Detroit. The Titans' loss last week kept this from being the first 11-0 vs. 0-11 game in NFL history. So there's that. PICK: Tennessee

Seattle @ Dallas (-12 1/2).Another highly anticipated matchuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. PICK: Seattle

Arizona @ Philadelphia (-3). I swear, Cardinals @ Eagles looks like the Rams-Titans Super Bowl compared to those first two games. Unfortunately, half the country will be comatose with tryptophan and bourbon by kick-off. Or, in some rare cases, honey mustard-soaked mashed potatoes and Sweetwater. PICK: Arizona

1 comment:

Stanicek said...

Just. Gross. Please turn in your "Proud to be an American" has been revoked. At least this doesn't have anything to do with your bizarre "meat off the bone" complex.