Thursday, November 13, 2008

Could she also be an Alabama porch?

There's nothing else to say but H to the OLY, S to the HIT.

From a Time Magazine article about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama:

And when his presidency hits its inevitable bumps — whether those come from disappointing his liberal allies or enraging his conservative opponents — it would be handy to have a formidable spear catcher nearby.

So Hillary's a "spear catcher," you say? That makes Obama what then?


Krista said...

we're screwed

Krista said...

We'd never have had a Reagan without a Carter

Doug said...

There are two diametrically opposed ways of interpreting that statement.

Given that we've already suffered under an economic recession, skyrocketing gas prices, and an out-of-control situation in the Middle East, I'm thinking that the Carter in this situation is the one who will be leaving the Oval Office on January 20, not the one coming in.

Anonymous said...

Doug is a douchebag