Monday, December 22, 2008

Checking it twice

The Atlanta Falcons needed a lot of things to fall their way the past few days. Let's take a look at the list:

1) Baltimore beating Dallas. Check.
2) San Diego beating Tampa Bay. Check.
3) Washington beating Philadelphia. Check.
4) New York beating Carolina. Check.
5) Oh, and of course, Atlanta beating Minnesota.


That's absurd. Dominoes don't fall that straight.

The Falcons clinching a playoff spot this week wasn't terribly realistic, and yet it happened. Which is pretty much par for the course for this 2008 team.

Atlanta takes on the horrible St. Louis Rams at home on Sunday, but everybody's attention will be a bit divided. Carolina and New Orleans also play at 1 p.m., and assuming a win over the Rams, the NFC South belongs to the Falcons if the Panthers lose. The division would come gift-wrapped with a bye week and a guaranteed home playoff game.

If Carolina wins on Sunday, they take the division and the Falcons head to Arizona for a first-round date with the Cardinals. This is yet another piece of good news, as the Cardinals are easily the worst playoff-bound NFC team, and have been playing like hot garbage recently.

Of course I'm hoping for a home playoff game, but it wouldn't be so terrible to take yet another football related trip to Arizona this year. Anybody with me?

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Krista said...

are we going to the game this weekend or what? DUH