Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We have our answer!

My 20th anniversary Die Hard diary is the blog post that won't die.

A New Jersey television critic linked to it yesterday on his blog and newspaper's website. And yet again, attention turned to a simple question I had asked: "One thing I never understood, though: who is firing the machine gun out of the window?"

This refers to the scene in which John McClane is trying to get the attention of Sergeant Al Powell, about to drive away from Nakatomi. McClane drops a terrorist's corpse onto Powell's car, Powell slams his car in reverse, we get the famous "Welcome to the party, pal" line - and then a machine gun begins peppering Powell's car. Turning it into, of course, swiss cheese. The shooter is never revealed.

That question spurred debate in my comments section, as it has on other websites that linked to my post. Some are convinced - John McClane was definitely firing the gun. Some are convinced - a terrorist was definitely firing the gun. And some just think it's a logic flaw in an otherwise tightly edited film.

Well, thanks to this latest link - and specifically commenter "Matt" - we have our answer. Matt was smart enough to do what I never thought of: read the script. He quotes directly from it.

Suddenly a barrage of MACHINE GUN FIRE from Alexander on the third floor drowns out his call! Powell ducks and flattens against the seat as bullets blow out the front window, covering him in glass.

Alexander, played by Joey Plewa, who would go onto fame and fortune as "Bandstand Tough Guy" in Road House. Not McClane.

Rest easy tonight, my friends.


Stanicek said...

What the hell is "Die Hard"?

DAve said...


Josh M. said...

"What the hell is 'Die Hard'?"

Only the best Christmas movie of all time.

Lu said...

Remo Williams would kick John Mclane's ass.