Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Betcha Bott ... Oh, screw it

If I tell you how much I want to see this, you'll think I'm joking. So I won't bother.

Oh, and of course the one week I don't post NFL picks, I would have gone 4-0. Seriously. I can't access this site from work, and my home Internet was down for a few days - thus, no blogging. But if you want to see my real life betting slip showing all four winners, be my guest. (Betting $5 on each game, I have a fresh Jackson comin' my way).

Just to get it out of the way, because I don't really care anymore:

Philadelphia (-4) @ Arizona. Yep, if Atlanta had taken care of business against the Cardinals, and then defeated an increasingly shaky Panthers team, this game would be in Atlanta. No, I haven't let it go. PICK: Arizona

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-6). About a year ago at this time, I had already envisioned the perfect draft for the Falcons. Take Glenn Dorsey with the third pick, then trade one of our bevy of later round picks to move up and take QB Joe Flacco. Instead, Atlanta took Matt Ryan, then later traded up to select tackle Sam Baker. Obviously, I'm glad Atlanta did what they did - but I don't think my scenario would have worked out too poorly. Especially since Flacco is the guy still in the hunt. PICK: Baltimore

And before I go, let me direct you to the latest column by Camille Paglia, my favorite Yankee atheist lesbian Obama-loving liberal. Obviously I want to highlight her dead-on observations on the Fairness Doctrine and global warming, but it's especially worth reading for her disemboweling of Katie Couric. God, I hope I never piss Paglia off.

P.S.: Next year we might actually see the worst movie ever made. I mean, not actually see it, because I'm certainly not supporting this excrement. But this might just be the perfect storm of the worst idea, the worst casting, and the worst execution ever. Now that I really think about it, I'm almost looking forward to it, in a sick, self-hating way.


Stanicek said...

Rambo reboots and fourth installments of Vin Diesel/Paul Walker franchises = good. Karate Kid remakes = bad. You are a fascinating case study my friend.

Josh M. said...

Casting Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi is like remaking First Blood with Matthew McConaughey.

And HELLO, but this is only the second Fast and the Furious film with both Diesel and Walker. And I think that's something worth celebrating. You're on the wrong side of history here, my friend.