Friday, January 30, 2009

Child's play

The film Idiocracy had a simple premise: with dumb people multiplying at a much higher rate than intelligent folk, our collective IQ will spiral down the drain. In the film's future, the House of Representatives had become the House of Representin', law degrees were awarded by CostCo, and Carl Jr's corporate slogan? "Fuck you, I'm eating."

Reading today's newspaper, it's not too difficult to imagine this outcome.

"We didn’t get any kind of shut-off notice — nothing," said 22-year-old resident Quaneisha Pittman. Pittman is eight months pregnant with her sixth child. (Thanks to writer and college buddy Chandler Brown for sneaking in that tidbit).

Of all the silly issues brought up in last year's Presidential campaign, I didn't hear a single mention of what I consider to be the most important one: our welfare rolls are expanding daily due to mothers having multiple children when they can't even afford to take care of themselves.

If you live in Atlanta, take a drive down Buford Highway. It's the city's Hispanic capital, and you will quickly lose track if you try and count the pregnant women. Our elementary schools are overflowing - one in the immediate area has EIGHT kindergartens, and has already announced teachers can no longer make copies for the rest of the year. The money is gone. And by the way, that's on top of the previous announcement that no teachers will receive their annual raise because of a budget shortfall. (This is what happens when a majority of the families are here illegally, and pay no income tax to support their child's education).

I used to work in one of these schools, and you'd be shocked to learn how many families have one kid in 5th grade, one in 4th, one in 1st, one in kindergarten, and then another who is so excited to start school next year. By the time the last kid shows up, the parents are well-versed in filling out the "free lunch" form.

When are we going to wake up to this? And what is the solution? And I must ask, why are pro-amnesty people so intent on importing a new lower class when we can't even pay for the one we have now?


Bobby said...

It's easy bro. Just take a couple hundred billion from the taxpayers and give it to the non-taxpayers. That should do it.

Krista said...

i agree with you! we need to stop the insanity. but, with mr. obama and the dem's running things, we're in for a world of hurt. they'd prefer to bring everyone to an even, "c" level, so we're all 'equal' (equally stupid, as in your example), rather than letting people work hard, obey the immigration laws, etc., for their "a" level. we all suffer under this type of ignorant leadership

Megs said...

But Obama put $200+ million in his stimulus budget for family planning, and Republicans got it thrown out: I'm glad you make the same argument that democrats do that family planning is an important way to lower costs in our educational and welfare systems. I wish more people would see it that way.

Josh M. said...

Actually, Meghan, my first draft of this post praised Nancy Pelosi for her stand on this. But the more I read into it, the more I realized the $200 million would mostly go toward condom distribution that would accomplish nothing.

I actually support the government getting into the family planning business if it targets the problem in a realistic manner - the problems are that 1) condom distribution isn't realistic, and 2) I have no idea what would be realistic, short of far-reaching measures that would pay young childless women to get irreversibly sterilized (a practice in other countries).

Anonymous said...

I'm in favor of paying women to get sterilized or attaching a sterilization requirement to some government wealth transfer programs.