Sunday, February 22, 2009


Although the film is at least a year away, I've already written about Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables a couple of times.

And if Stallone keeps managing announcements like this, Martians Attacking Indianapolis might just become an all-Expendables-all-the-time blog. Because, quite honestly, I now think he's only filming this movie to make my head explode.


Megs said...

I was watching Demolition Man this weekend, and I realized that he also might bring Sandra Bullock in on Expendables, which I have to say I would love. Also, I watched my first Dolph Lundgren film a couple weeks ago. It was terrible, but he was fantastic. So now I have to find out what his good films were, and go watch them.

Who else could Stallone add that would make this film even better? I vote for Kurt Russell, for starters.

Josh M. said...

Bullock was talked about for awhile, but it eventually was revealed to be an Internet rumor. So sad.

Kurt Russell - not bad at all. I'd find a way to fit in Jesse Ventura, Van Damme and Carl Weathers. And Bill Duke. Definitely Bill Duke. (Google him if you don't recognize the name).

And good luck finding a good Dolph Lundgren film (Rocky IV not included, of course). I do remember Universal Soldier being entertaining, but the last time I saw it I was 16.

Megs said...

You were right, I didn't recognize the name, but I remember Bill Duke was one of the best guest stars on Battlestar Galactica. I don't know if you watch that show.

I'll check for Universal Soldier. I don't know if I told you, but you can buy Chinese DVD packs here with like 20+ movies on one DVD. They have themes, like Big Explosion War Epic or John Travolta vs. Keanu Reeves (I'm not kidding: half the movies are Travolta's, half are Reeves'). I'll look around for an 80s Action Big Gun Showdown this week.

If we're going with supporting actors, I'm adding Sam Elliot.

Josh M. said...

Sam Elliott. Huge. Good work.

And now, hold on, because this could be slightly controversial. It came to me in a fever dream about 5 a.m. I woke up clutching my sheets, my soaked brow facing toward the heavens, my mouth frozen in a wide grin.

Selleck. And not just Selleck - but Selleck as a bad guy.

He doesn't really fit the '80s action mold on display here, but the man is pure '80s, and what awesome movie doesn't become just a little bit more awesome with The 'Stache?