Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quote of the day, from Thursday, which makes it from before those last two quotes of the day. Got it?

"I once claimed 'I am God' - during a deposition."
- Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), confessing his sins to a priest on "30 Rock"
That may have flown past most viewers, but leave it to me, your handy tour guide, to translate any and all pop culture references to early '90s movies.

Oh, yeah - it's from Malice.


NCT said...

Excellent. I remember that scene, but I didn't make the connection at the time of the confession. Well done.

Riley said...

Yeah, I didn't connect it either. You are great.

Doug said...

Yet another reason why "30 Rock" is the funniest, sharpest show on TV.

Pasqua said...

Did you happen to catch the scene a few weeks ago where Lemon yells at Jack "Always Be Talking, ALWAYS BE TALKING"? I thought that was a sly little shout out to Glengarry Glen Ross.