Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dharma chameleon

Only a few months after a Shield character used a UGA game as a false alibi, my beloved alma mater made an appearance on another popular show last night.

Click to embiggenify.

That's Lost's Hurley (Jorge Garcia), attempting to blend into 1977 Dharma culture by wearing a University of Georgia sweatshirt. I assume that logo was around in the mid-'70s?

(Of course, the outerwear was provided by Sawyer, played by former UGA student Josh Holloway. Nice to see The Second Coolest Josh Ever To Attend UGA represent where he came from.)

By the way, as an added bit of trivia: did you know the University of Georgia won seven national football championships before 1950? Yep, in 1904, '08, '15, '16, '23 and '42.


Meimi said...

Are you trying to go for some world record for having the most punny headlines on a blog EVER?

I want to know the story behind the sweatshirt! It was even written into the script! WHY? Scott and freaked out and played it back about three times. Too cool.

Josh M. said...

Gotta admit, I patted myself on the back after that one. Come on! He was trying to BLEND IN with Dharma by wearing the sweatshirt! Like a chameleon!

Well, at least I think I'm clever.