Friday, March 27, 2009

"I said, put it in my bas-KET!"

High schoolers Derrick Favors and Anne Marie Armstrong were chosen Mr. and Miss Georgia Basketball by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Apparently they wasted no time in consummating the union.


NCT said...

Yikes. That was unfortunate. But there's a different pic with the article now.

Bobby said...

OMG! How the hell did that even make it off the memory card? Damn, that's hilarious.

Kate Lee said...

Unfortunate, because Anne Marie is a beautiful girl. I can't imagine Jason Getz, the AJC photographer, allowing that horrible photo to get printed anywhere.

So, Josh - you'd better hope Anne Marie doesn't visit Indianapolis anytime soon. She's probably stronger than you are and the smackdown would be sweet.

Josh M. said...

Oh, I have no doubt. Not sure why she would want to beat me up, though - I didn't take the picture.