Thursday, April 09, 2009

The fact they worked "Die Hard" in there only sells it more...

My friends are OK, I guess - but unfortunately, not one of them is cool enough to do this with me. Or are they?

No. They aren't.

Witness one of the greatest NFL “Die Hard” fan events – LIVE!!

NFL On Location is pleased to offer a Draft hospitality program offering one-of-a-kind experiences that you can only get from the NFL!

Event highlights include:

  • Draft ticket for Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26
  • Continental Breakfast & “Chalk Talk” session with an NFL Draft Analyst
  • Photo Opportunities at your favorite “Team Table”
  • Souvenir Draft Hat
  • Drink and snack coupons for Radio City concession stands
  • NYC Transit "1-Day Fun Pass"

Cost Per Person: $399 (tax included)

Souvenir draft hat! Tax included! This thing sells itself.


Stanicek said...

I will go the NFL draft with you if you come over for the MLB draft and we watch it via streaming online...we'll have home brew, chips, AND I'll make you a souvenir MLB draft hat out of a couch cushion and the broken dreams of Nationals fans.

Jamie Massey said...

Oh my god. That is a hysterical comment! "The broken dreams of nationals fans." You could insert at least 10 team names there!

And seriously, The Nationals have fans?

Stanicek said...

I honestly have no idea if that comment was complimentary or totally patronizing...Curse you Masseys and your befuddling comments!!!