Tuesday, July 28, 2009

History recognized

Loran Smith and Norm Carlson, self-made historians of the Universities of Georgia and Florida respectively, have published Florida-Georgia: Rivalry Football Vault. It's another in a series of Football Vaults each has written, and I didn't actually know it was a series until now. I've been giving Smith credit for a great idea.

The books relate their subjects' histories through photos, text and various "memorabilia" - basically reproductions of tickets, posters, newspaper clippings, or anything else that would be included in a fan's scrapbook.

Well, there's something especially interesting to me in the new book - a copy of The Red & Black's November 3, 1997 front page. The R&B was UGA's student-run newspaper, and I was one of its contributors from 1995-1998. Something you probably already know if you're reading this.

Cool, right?

Well, it started me to thinking. Why include this? I mean, it was a big win - shocking at the time. And it's a pretty good front page. I remember the buzz in the copy editing room that night, as our minds huddled to come up with the perfect headline and image (I probably recommended something like "FUCK YES"). But does it really merit inclusion in this historical record?

And then I noticed it. Ah, of course.

Yep, it's the tease for my Switchback review, which I believe is still studied in UGA's journalism school. It was a stunning dissection of the Dennis Quaid serial killer drama, one of my finest works if I say so myself.

I'm still not sure why it wasn't published on the front page.


Riley said...

I think I laid that page out. Not the front page, of course. The "SwitchBack" page.

Josh M. said...

Erin McClam did the front page; I confirmed that with him last night.

I also remember we wanted to make a T-shirt out of the front page, but couldn't because 1) NCAA regulations because of the players' faces and 2) the top tease referred to a student's death, something you didn't really want on a shirt.

Cal said...

One of the worst game stories I ever wrote. Right up there with the Clarke Central-Parkview classic of 1997, or any number of forgettable high school football games I went on to cover in my illustrious career. Makes me physically ill to think about, in fact.