Friday, July 17, 2009

Separated at nerd

So I just realized the guy from The Last Starfighter isn't the same actor who played young Clark Kent in Superman, something I've thought all my life. Anybody else labor under that delusion?

Nobody is dorky enough to have thought about it in the first place?

Oh, ok.

Jeff East in 1978's Superman

Lance Guest in 1984's The Last Starfighter


Scott Hartman said...

Yes, but Lance Guest did play Shawn Brody in "Jaws the Revenge." My BFF Mitchell Anderson, who owns the restaurant Metrofresh in Midtown, played Mike Brody who is eaten at the beginning of the film.

End Scene

Jamie Massey said...

I did think it was the same guy too.. I am sure it's because you told me so. :)

jd webb said...

I thought that lance guest played young clark until i visited this link. Thanks

Chris Otto said...

Yes, I was absolutely operating under the delusion that Lance Guest -- who appeared in The Last Starfighter, St. Elsewhere and Halloween II -- also portrayed young Clark Kent in Superman. Very, very strange.