Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sonny of a bitch

According to the AJC, all state employees will have to take three days of unpaid leave this year, in order to fill a $900 million budget hole.

“We have to live in the reality of the moment,” Perdue said during a news conference from his Gold Dome office. “These steps are necessary and prudent to make sure we keep our commitment to Georgia taxpayers and allow us to give the most services to our citizens through the money we’re able to obtain.”

That would be a perfect answer, if only he had been asked why alcohol should be legal to purchase on Sunday. Wouldn't the reality of the moment be helped by the millions in tax revenue that would create? But no, Perdue is still a dickhead who compares that step to legalizing prostitution. Because, you know, prostitution is already legal six days of the week.


(Yeah, I know, I'm breaking my "only blog about football and film" rule. Sue me.)


Bobby said...

I totally agree with you. It's absurd. "Hello Georgians, I don't think you are smart enough to make your own decisions on when you should make a legal purchase so I'll stop you one day a week just cause I can." What a prick!

Krista said...

in missouri you can buy alcohol ANY day of the week. that's how it should be. duh. my money. my alcohol.

Jerry Glanville said...

Sonny has morals. Some do. Most don't, like you. And that's a-ok.