Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hell and Hunt

So that didn't take long.

Over the weekend, some juicy Rambo tidbits leaked out, including the new film's title. In 2011, Rambo V: The Savage Hunt will appear from a wall of mud, implant a steel knife into our collective bosom, drizzle blood upon our pantaloons - and we will giggle at the awesomeness of it all. (The cheap Photoshop job above was created to publicize the film at this week's Toronto Film Festival.)

Of course, I would expect a name change before the film hits theaters. The last entry was called Rambo IV, Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye, Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra and John Rambo, before being released as just Rambo. So accordingly, expect something like Ram. Or Bo.

From the sounds of multiple online reports, the script is based on James Byron Huggins' 1999 novel "Hunter," which Stallone optioned years ago. A synopsis from Amazon:

In the near future, illegal medical experiments in Alaska have created this nearly indestructible creature of incredible cunning and savagery, who goes on a rampage through the ranks of the research stations. To cover their blunder, the government sends out an elite team of special-operations warriors, led by the title character, Nathaniel Hunter, a mountain man born out of time and the best tracker in the world. Meanwhile, U.S. marshals are on the trail of the secret and the cover-up, intervening in the action in an unexpected way.
So Variety's report of a Taken-like standoff between Rambo and Mexican druglords seems plucked out of thin air (or maybe, hope hope hope, that is Rambo VI they refer to). Either way, it seems Stallone is going ahead with what he discussed last year - an opportunity to take the character into a new genre. Because that sounds very science-fictiony to me.

Don't believe me, though. Believe Stallone, who tried to clarify the reports in a voicemail to Ain't It Cool's Harry Knowles. In fact, if that clarified anything to you, clue me in.

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