Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lunch at McDonalds

The lunch rush is just beginning, and a lone CASHIER stands behind the counter. As another customer steps away, JOSH approaches the counter.

Welcome to McDonald's. How can I help you?

Josh produces a one dollar bill from his pocket, and holds it up.

What can I get with this?

The cashier smiles.

How about a crispy, juicy chicken with all the
amenities, in an irresistible classic known
fondly as the McChicken?

Josh looks interested.

Or how about two sizzling, 100% pure all beef
patties, in an irresistible classic known fondly
as the double cheeseburger? Huhhhh?

Wow, those both sound good. I'll take
the double cheeseburger.

Excellent choice. That'll be $1.07.

Josh pauses.

Wait. What?


What about the dollar, though?

Yes sir, $1.07.

No, all I have is a dollar. What I just showed you.


I don't have any change. Just the dollar.

You're in luck, because the double cheeseburger
is on our dollar menu! With all the amenities!

So the dollar is good?

You're good to go!

Oh, ok. Whatever. Here.

Josh hands the cashier the dollar.


What? I just held up this dollar, asked you
what I could get for it, and you said the
double cheeseburger.

With all the amenities.

But then you told me $1.07.

Right. Well, you know, tax.

But no, back up. I said "What can I get for this,"
held up my single dollar bill, and you said I could
get the double cheeseburger.


But now you're telling me that won't be enough.

It's on our dollar menu.

I don't care what goddamn menu it's on. I
asked you a simple question.

Yes, you said you wanted two sizzling, 100% pure
all beef patties, in an irresistible classic known
fondly as the double cheeseburger.

No, you said all that faggy shit. I
just said I want a double cheeseburger.
How much do I owe you for it?


Let me ask you this. Is $1.07 more or less than
the dollar that's in my fucking hand?


So, I repeat - can I get the double cheeseburger
for the dollar that is in my hand?

With all the amenities!

Ok, I'm done. Here's my dollar. Now give me that
double cheeseburger, or I will punch through
your chest, rip out your esophagus, and use it as
a goddamn straw.

If you want a drink, it will only cost you 99 cents!



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